[Ramen Adventure #2] Ganso: The Ramen Spot in Brooklyn | *CLOSED*

February 12, 2014

Source: Ganso
When you think of ramen, the first places you would have in mind are usually located in Manhattan; the same old Ippudo and Totto. But as a newcomer, Ganso decided to open its business in the heart of Downtown, Brooklyn.
Located near the Nevins Street stop of 2, 3, 4, 5 and Hoyt Street stop of A, C train, Ganso is right next to a 99-cent pizza place. When you're inside, you're supposed to wait to be seated. Take this time to look around you: the polished wooden seats and tables, the big blackboard with Ganso specials written all over it, and some interesting artwork on the wall. Once the server approaches, you have the option to sit by the bar/counter or at a table.

I chose to sit by the counter so I could take a closer look at the open kitchen. Everything at Ganso is sleek and clean. They have disposable chopsticks and napkin holders for every table, which I found it's a smart thing to do. Their menu is simple and nicely laminated. There are 5 ramen and 13 appetizers available on the regular menu, and a few other lunch specials during lunch hours. I didn't bother to order their beverages because I know how they often jack up the prices. I ordered two simple yet the essences of every ramen shop: gyoza dumplings and the original Ganso ramen.

Crispy Gyoza (dumplings), $7
Just like its name, the gyoza was decently crispy especially the crisp flake the chef created. When you bite on a sizzling hot gyoza, beware of the bursting juice! I spilled some across the counter wall, I hope nobody saw it. Overall it was very delicious, not too salty or greasy and it matched well with the vinegar soy sauce.

Original Ganso Ramen, $13
Broth: light shoyu soy sauce broth
Noodles: wavy
Toppings: 2 pieces of soft pork belly, half an egg, 1 strand of Chinese broccoli, scallions

This original ramen was simple and light. The shoyu based broth didn't overwhelm your taste buds. Those pork bellies were so tender and flavorful that you're just going to fall in love with them. I even drank all the broth, not afraid it would make me thirsty or whatsoever. The broth tasted so natural that I could tell no MSG was added. However, I did feel a little weird they put a strand of Chinese broccoli in the bowl. Quite odd.

Considering the quality of their food, I would definitely come back to Ganso in the future to try their "stamina" ramen, which was just ranked as the number 1 ramen by Tasting Tables. [updated April 16, 2014]

25 Bond St (between Livingston St & Fulton St), Brooklyn, NY 11201

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