About me and this site

"Culture consists of connections, not of separation." - Carlos Fuente

Started off as an entertainment blogger in 2010, Kunyan dedicated her personal hours into translating and providing the latest Asian showbiz news to readers with an interest in Asian cultures. Although she had to pause her blogging activity due to heavy school work, but as a Chinese immigrant in America, she always wanted to continue to explore culture diversity.

After a brief hiatus, she now resumed her blogger status with a concentration in food diversity. As Gandhi once said, a nation's culture resides in the hearts and soul of its people, Kunyan believes culture also resides in a nation's food and every culture is connected to one another. Inquisitive Eating features weekly posts of interesting foods from various cultures and occasional restaurant adventures in New York City. Travel with Kunyan and experience the world in the foods we eat.

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*Photos on this site are a collection of personal snapshots and Yelp contributions. Please credit back appropriately.*


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