[Review] Trying Dunkin’s Ham & Swiss Croissant Stuffer

June 23, 2024


Taking advantage of the $3 deal promotion, I tried the Dunkin’s Ham & Swiss Croissant Stuffer for the first time for breakfast. First look: It’s no doubt very different than its marketing photo (bottom of the post). Regularly priced at $3.99, this stuffer definitely lives up its name: stuffer-sized aka small. It’s smaller than the size of my palm and shorter than a regular ball pen. Given its size, I won’t pay this at a regular price since it will be closer to $5 after tax.

Taste: The croissant stuffer is heated up upon ordering. For a Dunkin product, it’s not that bad — Ham and swiss cheese goes well together as a filling. The croissant itself is not exactly buttery and flaky, but it won’t gross you out from eating it.

Overall Rating: 😋😋

This is a little breakfast snack that’s perfect if you’re watching your weight or don’t want to eat a whole, plain bagel. At 340 calories and 14g of protein, it satisfied my breakfast urge in the morning while make sure I get my protein intake. It does look very small though, so it doesn’t feel like it’s worth almost $5 after tax. Only get it when it's free on on a promotion.

Original, marketing picture.

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