8 Viral Croissant Hybrid Creations

July 01, 2024

How many of these viral croissant creations have you tried? Let's start off the list with the latest viral sensation in New York City:

1. Croissant Onigiri 

This new croissant hybrid was first introduced in Singapore in Fall of 2023 and now became the newest viral croissant item in the New York City food scene. It's a triangular croissant shaped in the form of an onigiri (Japanese rice balls) with actual seaweed to mimic the traditional rice balls. You can currently find it in Queens' Cafe W, but do note that this new viral item is likely to sell out quickly. The eye-catching croissant is crisp, buttery, filled with chive bacon cream cheese or mentaiko (mayonnaise with roe). New filling flavors to be coming soon. 

(Original Photo from Eater NY)

2. Flat Croissant

Flat croissant has been trending in Asia and across social media. These flattened creations are crisp on the outside, and often dipped and/or topped with various toppings like chocolate, matcha and strawberry. It's essentially a huge, thin croissant cookie!

(Original Photo from What She Just Said)

3. Crookie

If Flat Croissant is like a huge croissant thin cookie, then Crookie is the opposite: It's a regular croissant in its puffed form topped with cookie dough. The whole thing is baked to achieve absolute crispiness. Oftentimes, Crookie is also filled with even more cookie dough or cookie-flavored fillings! You can taste both the flaky buttery croissant and an actual cookie at the same time. Multiple textures in every bite! Be warned: It's likely very sweet.

(Original Photo from Patisserie Cle)

4. Crossaint Cone

These may not be as popular in New York City yet but it certainly is in Asia! This particular croissant soft serve cone is very popular in Bangkok, Thailand. Created by one of the Iron Chef Thailand winners, Chef James-Pachara Tengkiat, this big, shiny, crispy croissant is filled with a fragrant soft serve and it certainly is worth a visit. You can spot this inside the popular Iconsiam mall on the 6th floor.

(Original Photo from James Boulangerie)

5. Croissant Wheel

These circular, crème-filled croissant from Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery went viral in Summer of 2022 and visitors have since spotted them in different bakeries elsewhere. It's a croissant in a pin wheel shape, stuffed with various sweet filling and dipped again in a sweet glaze or topped with themed toppings. Be ready to share with a plus one: They are quite big for one to eat! 

(Original Photo from Lafayette Grand Cafe & Bakery)

6. Croffle

Popularized in South Korea, Croffle is a perfect combination of croissant and waffle. It's crisp on the edges, slightly chewy in the middle and also buttery flaky. It's usually topped with various sweet toppings and fresh fruits but it can be savory as well, just like a regular waffle! It's now available in a lot of Asian sweet shops and Croffle House in Queens started the trend in New York City.

(Original Photo from Time Out New York)

7. Cruffin

Cruffin has slowly lost its media attention over the years, but let's not forget it was one of the early croissant hybrid products. A hybrid of croissant and muffin, this pastry is tall and filled with sweet fillings; almost like a upscaled version of cupcakes! You can still find Cruffin in New York City in bakeries like Supermoon Bake House. A Danish Bakery called Ole & Steen is also offering a Lemon Meringue Cruffin in Upper East Side every Friday until end of October 2024.

(Original Photo from Supermoon Bake House)

8. Cronut

When it comes to viral croissant creations, Dominique Ansel's Cronut is the OG of them all. Cronut kickstarted a croissant hybrid sensation in 2013 and its popularity continues until today. It's one of the iconic must-haves when you visit New York City! Flavors are rotated monthly and you can place your in-person pick up order via this pre-order site two weeks in advance.

(Original Photo from Conde Nast Traveler)

Honorable Mentions

Tacro: Taco + Croissant

Created by Vive La Tarte bakey in San Francisco, Tacro gained media attention with its crispy croissant with savory fillings (currently with pulled pork). It's a perfect savory and savory combination for any day of the week. You can still try this once viral creation in your next visit to San Francisco.

(Original Photo from Vive La Tarte)

Crogg: Croissant Egg Tart

This croissant hybrid was introduced in Osaka, Japan in 2022, featuring a 27-layered croissant base with a egg cream custard. Crogg is now closed for business, but you may find similar egg tarts in Hong Kong, where bakeries like Bakehouse, Hashtag B and Puff Bake reimagine egg tarts with sour dough or thin Napoleon crust.

(Original Photo from Time Out)

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