[Review] Korean Street Foods at Shingane | Manhattan, NY

June 24, 2024

Who doesn't like a captivating food picture? One of the viral foods since last year is the coin waffle with a cheesy filling. Shingane was one of the first restaurants to bring this phenomenon over to New York City, if not the first. 

Shingane's version is called a "Goddess Bun" --- A cheesy coin waffle in the shape of the New York penny coin (Goddess because the liberty goddess). It's the biggest waffle coin I've had so far (compared to the coin waffles I had in Japan). Although it felt good to have a waffle this big for $7, but there are some drawbacks: 

1. The waffle kept sliding off because it's so wide and it doesn't hold up well on the wooden stick. The waffle itself was towards the softer side which may also explain why it didn't stay well on the stick.

2. Not enough cheese to have an amazing cheese pull. It took me a couple bites, eating almost half of the waffle, to actually reach into the cheese, which was quite disappointing as I was actively looking for that cheese effect. Maybe an extra slice of cheese would help.

I also tried another Korean classic food at Shingane: The gimbap aka Korean sushi roll. I picked the fish cake filling one (o-mok gimbap) as that sounded the most interesting to me at the time. The gimbap roll was freshly made to order and contained a lot of vegetables as usual. I liked the lightly pickled carrots the most: It tasted so homemade with a light, vinegar dressing that won't overpower the rest of the ingredients. It was a nice light dinner to share.

Shingane has also expanded its menu to include shaved ice, small salads, mandoo dumplings and drinks. They had two little tables for outdoor eating though it's a mostly take-out restaurant. Owners/staff were very friendly when I visited and happy to answer any question. It's a great place for lunch or for a quick bite.

Notes & Tips:

  • Can get busy if only one person working
  • Close at 7pm
  • Only the cheese coin waffle has cheese; the rest of the flavor doesn't.


480 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Overall Rating: 😋😋😋

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