Wadashijiru Ramen at Bassanova Ramen

November 26, 2013

Wadashi Ramen
Soup ramen, $14
Thin noodles

My personal favorite and owner's favorite: Wadashi Ramen

Tondaku Wadashijiru Ramen, or Wadashi for short, has a soup-base of pork and fish broth combined. The chef mixes premium tonkotsu soup with homemade dashi (Japanese fish stock) in this recipe, embedding the pork soup with rich seafood flavors. It has great flavors of pork and seafood which made this ramen my all time personal favorite.

Toppings include a big chunk slice of porkloin chashu, menma (bamboo shoots), fried garlic and ginger, scallion, and nori (seaweed). The big fat chashu pork is so good that it could melt into your mouth the moment you start to eat it. It's something that can make you smile.

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