[Ramen Adventure #7] Ramen Zundo-ya: Super Rich, Super Good

December 15, 2015

Finally another strong competitor in NYC to prove Ippudo is overrated.

Although there are many ramen shops in NYC that claim to serve the most authentic Hakata-style ramen, but in most cases the pork bone broth in their ramen is either not rich enough or lacks actual pork flavors. Zundo-ya, one of the most renowned ramen shops in Japan, proves to the American audience what is like to have real Hakata ramen.

Ramen Zundo-ya
Sign at night
Recently held its grand opening, Zundo-ya is located at a basement location in East Village, just a block or two away from Ippudo's original post. It's quite spacious and neat inside, with the same "noisy" staff crowd you'd see at Ipuddo yelling IRRASHAIMASE! WELCOME! every 5 seconds. There are two things you should probably get if it's your first time: its signature Ajitama Ramen or the Zenbunose Ramen.

Zenbunose Ramen ("Everything Ramen"), $18
Broth: Super rich pork broth
Noodles: homemade thick wavy
Toppings: charshu, soft boiled egg, takana, beansprouts, garlic flakes, scallions

Zenbunose Ramen features basically all toppings the shop offers. Customers get to choose the richness of the broth and noodle types for their ramen. I picked "super rich" to test its claim and thick wavy noodles for my bowl.

Result? Not as rich as I would expect, but the richness does increase the more you indulge---however, it IS one of the few places that offer actually rich broth. As for the noodle, al dente as usual, but the so called "thick wavy" looks pretty regular straight for me...like those Chinese egg noodles. It's not the typical thick wavy you'd have at other places.

I also got a small Ajitama Don on the side. Same pork charshu is used in the don. It's super rich and porky. What to expect: feels like what your mom would make.

Definitely one of the TOP ramen places in NYC---screw Ippudo and Totto, which has since downgraded their quality. Zundo-ya also offers a side of seasoning toppings (picked ginger, pickled mustard green aka takanazuke, and sesame) for all the ramen orders.

Zundo-ya is currently doing a $5 off from $20+ opening campaign promotion. Don't miss out!

84 E 10th Street New York, NY 10003

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