[Review] Croffle House: Mighty Croissant-Waffle | Queens, NY

June 22, 2024


I've tried cronut and croffin but not yet a "croffle", which is a combination of flakey croissant and crunchy waffle. Croffle House in Auburndale, Queens is an amazing surprise: The shop offers a huge variety of croffle flavors (more like toppings), ranging from the traditional chocolate and fruits, to the more popular Asian flavors such as chestnut and Asian sweet potato. It was truly hard to choose seeing all the beautifully decorated croffles! 

We got mango, chestnut and sweet potato to try. All the toppings are fresh and Asian-sweet (the perfect kind of sweet without killing your health). The croffle itself is absolutely amazing: The outside is both flakey and crunchy together, while the inside has a sturdier chewy texture. I enjoyed the glazed outside texture so much that I think next time I'd just get a plain one to enjoy on my own.

Besides croffles, Croffle House also have mochi donuts/mochinuts. They taste as expected, chewy inside and kind of taste like funnel cake on the outside. Various topping flavors available, I got the ube which really just taste like purple-colored vanilla.

Notes & Tips:
  • Dine in is welcome
  • They also sell fresh cream cakes at an affordable price (Around $30-40)
  • Try everything!

Location: 40-17 149th Pl, Queens, NY 11354

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