New Appetizers at Bassanova Ramen

November 28, 2013

After a long wait (3 months), Bassanova Ramen is finally adding appetizers to their menu. There are 5 items featured on the appetizer list: 3 shu plate, chashu donburi (already on the lunch special menu for a while), hot iron pot stickers, pork buns, and white rice. Only the 3 shu plate and donburi are served all day, the rest are served only during dinner hours.

3 Shu Plate, $7 (not pictured)
This appetizer is a plate of ramen toppings, featuring 1 boiled egg cut in halves, few strips of menma/bamboo shoots, and 2 grilled chashu pork slices. The toppings are absolutely delicious, but for the price of $7, I would expect more things on my plate.

Potstickers, $6
The pot stickers are in a stick form like an egg roll, not the typical gyoza you would see in a Japanese restaurant. These 3 pot stickers are wrapped with pork, Chinese cabbage, leak, and scallion, served on a sizzling square frying pan.

Pork buns, $6
Pork buns are, again, not the typical buns you'd expect. Grilled pork dipped in special sauce and some vegetables are sandwiched in between these two steamed buns. They are ok. I think the price is a little too much for just 2 small buns.

I totally agree it's a good move for the restaurant to finally have appetizers; it's one of the frequent requests we receive from customers since July. However, the price point is set a little too high for some items.

Check out the review on the new ramen added on the menu here.

Image courtesy from Yelp.

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