New Ramen at Bassanova Ramen: Lemon Tondaku, Tomyum Wadashi, Crab Mix

November 28, 2013

With frequent requests from customers, Bassanova Ramen really is trying hard in expanding their menu. In addition to the newly added appetizers on the menu, 3 new ramen are also available at this ramen shop: Lemon Black Pepper Tondaku Ramen, Tom Yum Goong Wadashi Ramen, and Crab Sauce Mixed Ramen.

Lemon Black Pepper Tondaku Ramen
Soup ramen, $14
Thin noodles

That's right, you're seeing lemons on this ramen! Don't be surprised, lemon ramen has actually been selling in Japan for a while now. It's definitely unusual in NYC ramen shops. Slices of lemon are placed on top of the steamy Tondaku Ramen, then black pepper are grind on top by the servers. Tints of fresh lemon breeze lighten up the thickness of the pork soup. Are you inquisitive to try?

Tom Yum Goong Wadashi Ramen
Soup ramen, $15
Thick noodles

Another fusion creation by the chef, this bowl of ramen features the famous Tom Yum Goong soup and homemade dashi stock. Tom Yum is really well known in South East Asia. It's a hot and spicy soup often with ingredients like shrimp and lemon grass. The soup has a different spiciness compared to the Green Curry Ramen: it's mildly spicy and sour. Toppings include lime slices, spring leaves, okra, and 3 shrimps. If you like Thai food, you should definitely try this ramen.

Crab Sauce Mixed Ramen
Soupless ramen, $12.5
Thick noodles

The Crab Sauce Mixed Ramen is the spin-off of the crab version of the Shrimp Sauce Mixed Ramen. Pure premium crab sauce blended with other oils are used here to flavor the noodles. There used to be 2 crab legs served on top, now they're replaced with a chunk of crab meat. [updated on April 2014].

If you have tried these new ramen, let me know how you think! Happy eating

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