Penis Shaped Waffles: A Piece of Gayke (Only in Taiwan)

November 30, 2013

Brand Logo....unique

After watching Eddie Huang's "Fresh Off the Boat: Taiwan", many would definitely find the penis shaped waffles very memorable. This stick of cake looks exactly like the penis. The original flavor is made with cake flour and a piece of sausage in the middle. The cooks basically pour the batter in a penis-shaped waffle machine, then put the sausage in the middle and wait for the final product to be done.

The concept behind this waffle is just as unique as its shape. According to the owner, girls who got cheated on can bite on this unique waffle stick to chew off the anger. At least 500 sticks were sold in the first week of sales last year!

Different flavors of the "gayke"
Three savory flavors and four sweet flavors (see picture above) are now being sold at the stand. During the summer, they were even selling penis shaped popsicles in 4 different flavors. Gift boxes are also available, with flavors like pineapple and cantaloupe. Each stick of "gayke" is sold at only around $1.5-2 each. For a unique big piece of cake, that price sounds very fair.

If you visit Taiwan, you should definitely try this cool new dessert at Shilin Night Market. Stay inquisitive.

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