3 Best Pocky Flavors in the US Market

April 30, 2014

If you're into Asian cultures, or have Asian friends, then you must have somehow seen or heard of Pocky.

2 aisles of Pocky! 
Introduced in 1966, Pocky is a type of Japanese snack food consists of coated biscuit sticks. The original flavored coating is the standard chocolate, then followed by the releases of almond and strawberry coatings a couple years later. Now over 20 different flavors exist in the market, featuring a variety of unusual and seasonal flavors like kiwi and red beans. But not every flavor can be found in the US market, so here we conclude a few that are available in the states that you might want to try next time.

3. Green Tea

Featured in the '9 Best Match Foods' post already, this Asian flavored Pocky is no doubt one of everyone's favorites.

2. Rare Cheesecake

There's nothing "rare" about this flavor --- no bake cheesecake is called rare cheesecake in Japan. This flavor doesn't emit a strong cheesecake smell, perfect for those who are not really into cheesecake. A winter only item.

1. Mango Pineapple

A summer only item, this tropical flavor is the gem! Not only it's not overly sweet at all, the combination of mango and pineapple is awesome. Relate this flavor to passion fruit.

What other flavors of Pocky have you tried and loved?

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