My Ramen Adventures in NYC

April 26, 2014

Inquisitive Eating
I was never a ramen fanatic before I started to work at Bassanova Ramen. Yes, I've been to Ippudo and Totto before my job, but I didn't care enough to learn the culture and what's actually good. The fact I have to interact with customers and inform them about this new Japanese restaurant in Chinatown really pushed me to study the art of ramen. The ingredients, the type of noodles to use, the way to create a bowl of ramen...I learned and observed these things at work and then I had this thought of exploring (or what I called "spying") all the ramen shops in NYC. Frankly, many people already started this so-called adventure way before me. But everyone's taste buds are different. You have to actually experience the ramen shop's products before you can say, "this is delicious." Inspired by Keizo Shimamoto's ramen journey in Japan, I consider this as my personal adventure in the city. Welcome aboard everyone, here are the ramen restaurants on my visit list:

(in alphabetical order)


Ajisen Ramen
Bassanova Ramen [completed - click here]

Hiroko's Place
Ivan Ramen [completed - click here]

Jin Ramen
Jinya Ramen Bar

Kambi Ramen House
Kuboya Restaurant

Naruto Ramen
Nikai Japanese Restaurant
Mentoku [completed - click here]

Ramen.Co by Keizo Shimamoto [completed - click here]
Ramen Misoya
Ramen Sanshiro
Ramen Takumi
Ramen Setagaya
Ramen Thukpa
Ramen Zundo-ya [completed - click here]
Rai Rai Ken

Tabata Noodle
Terakawa Ramen
Totto Ramen [completed - click here]

Yasha Ramen
YUJI Ramen
Zen 6


Ganso [completed - click here]
Ramen Yebisu
Shinobi Ramen


HinoMaru Japanese Ramen Bar
Mu Ramen
Ramen Okidoki

The list will be periodically updated based on recommendation and reviews.

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