[Ramen Adventure #3] Totto Ramen: NYC's Top 3 Ramen of All Time

April 20, 2014

If you name Totto Ramen as one of the top 3 ramen shops in NYC, no one could possibly disagree with you---because it's true.

Totto's menu

New location. Sitting by the counter

Specializes in chicken broth, Totto first opened at a tiny basement in Hell's Kitchen. This location only has space for a few small tables and a bar that fits about 10 people. But its immense popularity keeps driving crowds into the restaurant that after a few years, the business decided to open a second location in the same neighborhood.

Outside display of the new location
Original Chicken Paitan Ramen $9.75
Broth: chicken shoyu soy sauce broth
Noodles: straight
Toppings: 2 pieces of pork or chicken, onion, scallion slices, seaweed

A must try item. This ramen comes with straight homemade noodles cooked in al dente style. But I always order wavy noodles because I like its thickness. The chicken broth is seasoned with soy sauce and toppings include your choice of pork or chicken char shu, scallion, onion, and seaweed.

I always love Totto's grilled pork: soft and slightly chewy pork grilled in front of you with a fire torch. But this time I decided to order chicken char shu, but I immediately regretted my choice after my first bite. I assume the char shu was made from chicken breast or so; it just didn't have the tender and meaty texture compared to pork.

Spicy Paitan Ramen $11
Broth: chicken shoyu soy sauce broth, with spicy sesame oil
Noodles: straight
Toppings: 2 pieces of pork or chicken, bean sprout, scallion slices, seaweed

Wavy noodles in my ramen
You have the option to decide how far you want to go: medium or extremely spicy, which is the one next to the 7 hot peppers. I had the nerve to try out the "7 hot peppers ramen" and to be honest, as someone who can't handle spicy foods in general, it wasn't that bad actually.

Their homemade rayu (spicy sesame oil) is presented to you in a separate container. You can adjust the spicy level of your ramen that way. You don't feel the spiciness in effect after just a few slurps. Wait for it, you would get that spicy aftertaste later on.

Miso Ramen $11
Broth: chicken miso broth
Noodles: wavy
Toppings: 2 pieces of pork or chicken, ground pork, egg, bean sprout, scallion slices

One of the best in the city, this miso ramen offers everything you can get: the egg, the pork, the vegetables. The broth is not overly salty either. A delicious bowl of ramen that cost only $11? Definitely go for it!

Overall: 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜
Totto has been providing solid quality of ramen that no doubt it has to be the top ramen place to go. Just be aware of the long lines you will encounter during rush hours. I recommend going there by yourself or in a group of 2 because it's not worth the wait since they would want you to leave ASAP once you are done with your ramen. Also go to the newer location, it's slightly bigger than the old shop.

366 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019
464 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

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