New Summer Ramen and Appetizer at Ganso Ramen

May 20, 2014

Ever since I visited Ganso a few months ago, I have fallen in love with their exquisite menu items. Now their summer specials have returned, of course I would make my return to the restaurant.

New Appetizer

The one new appetizer on Ganso's summer menu is Calamari Tempura ($8). What's the best thing about it? It's bonito mayo dipping sauce! It's amazing --- rich and savory. They only give you a little basket of fried calamari. At the price of $8, I wouldn't get it again. But for first timers, please order it because the sauce is the bomb!

Summer Ramen Special - Hiyashi Chuka

When summer comes, expect to see Hiyashi Chuka, aka Japanese cold noodles, at almost every ramen shop! Ganso's Hiyashi Chuka contains flavors of pork cheek fat and yuzu-soy sauce vinaigrette. These flavors made the dish so refreshing and light. Highly recommended. The only downvote would be its price ($14).

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