6 Interesting Lay's Flavors in China

December 17, 2015

When I was in China, one thing I was dying to try is their bizarre Lay's flavors that you normally wouldn't see in the US. Here are some of the interesting flavors I spotted at local supermarkets and 7-11:

Cucumber 黃瓜味
It REALLY does resemble the taste of cucumber...first try was weird, but the more you eat the more you'd like it...for whatever odd reason.

Yogurt 清爽酸奶味

You're not reading this wrong...YUP yogurt flavor Lay's! I did taste the milky flavor on the chip. But it's definitely not something I would try again.

Numb & Spicy Hotpot 飄香麻辣鍋味

Almost EVERY Asian likes to hotpot, so it's no doubt this flavor would exist on the market. Wasn't that spicy though.

Cumin Lamb 孜然爆羊排味
Tasted like barbecue flavor, with a hint of cumin spice. This one is addicting...

Mexican Tomato Chicken 墨西哥雞汁番茄味

The tomato flavoring overpowered the chicken spice. Overall this one is a bit ordinary.

Italian Red Meat 意大利香濃紅燴味
This one doesn't have the taste of meat sauce at all, more of a burnt tomato sauce.

Other flavors I tried including squid and seaweed. I really like the seaweed and cumin lamb in the end. Can't wait to try other bizarre flavors in the US, like the recent "Do Us a Flavor!" winner, Biscuits and Gravy flavored Lay's.

Which interesting flavor of Lay's have you tried? 

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